Annual Letters

jahresbrief 2021 sterne


How the Wise Men
reached for the stars
and found a human

Kurt Wolff


Dear colleagues, dear sisters and brothers,

Greetings from the presidium of the CEC! Blessings and the best of health for the year 2021.

In our pastor’s association – as perhaps in yours as well – there were recurrent calls for a statement on the pandemic, both about the situation as well as about the task of the church. It’s probably not possible to compose a New Year’s letter without some mention of the current situation. Yet I have my doubts whether it’s possible to formulate a basic statement that will clarify and interpret the pandemic from a Christian viewpoint, or if such a statement would be meaningful. I certainly don’t feel called to issue one, but I would like to share some thoughts with you.

Christmas with no songs! Instead of joining the Hallelujah of the angels, I folded the songs into stars. Who would have thought that we would be so limited in our daily activities: pastoral counseling, catechism, worship. It is probably similar for you: I try to reach out to the men and women entrusted to me and to impart confidence and hope. We hold services in accordance with the protective guidelines. I’m forbidden to visit in hospitals or nursing homes. I try nevertheless to be creative, tenacious, and confident, although I often don’t feel particularly useful.

In connection with the CEC, we’ve once again become conscious of borders. Borders that were really no longer very important in Europe, at least not in our daily life. We were able to visit one another, we crossed borders by car or train, by plane or by foot, without noticing it. And suddenly borders are again closed. The rules differ from country to country, or even from region to region in the same country. On the one hand, we are connected by sharing the experience of the pandemic, on the other, we are limited to our own countries. Even to the point of a strange ranking: Which land has the most successful strategy for combating the pandemic?

The bureau of the CEC has conducted its meetings digitally. In this way, we were able to share the situation in our various lands; this gave us a feeling of connection.

May you experience shining moments in this new year, diverse encounters with people despite all borders and limitations.
In closing, a reminder that the next CEC-conference will take place from June 11–15, 2022 in the Château du Liebfrauenberg near Strassbourg. The CEC will organize this together with the Alsatian pastor’s association. Please reserve the date!

In sisterly and brotherly solidarity

signatur salvisberg verena

Verena Salvisberg, President

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