Annual Letters

Verein Evangelischer Pfarrerinnen und Pfarrer in Österreich
Obmann: Pfarrer Dr. Stefan Schumann
A-1030 Wien
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 81/43
Tel.: +43 (0) 699 / 18 87 77 11
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The association of evangelical pastors in Austria (VEPPÖ) welcomes you warmheartedly in Austria and is looking forward to the joint conference in Admont.

The VEPPÖ is the only pastors-association in this country and represents all sacred ministers of the Augsburg (lutheran) and Helvetian (reformed) church. The association was established in 1903. We have about 400 members, which means that most of the ministers are members.

As a pastors-association we also form the pastors-representation in service law related matters regarding the church as employer. This means we are involved in all legislative drafts which concern pastors.

The special character of the association is, that we have been awarded the legal capacity to make collective agreements in 1996, which means, that we as representatives of the sacred ministers can make collective agreements with the church leadership as negotiating partners, which is usually just possible for unions. This is why we are at eye level with our negotiating partner, the employer "church", in all salary and performance matters.

Part of our area of responsibilities is the management of different solidarity funds such as the supplementary health insurance and the car-aid-fund.

The board, which consists of the elected representatives of the dioceses and the different work areas, leads the assocation organisationally. The chairman of the association is elected every six years by the general meeting, which takes place once a year. There are certain liberations and reductions of the service obligation for the necessary representational and committee work, which are provided by the church leadership.

Questions concerning the work and organisation of the association can surely be answered in the frame of the meeting and the members of the board are excited for many encounters especially on Sunday evening, when we would like to invite all the participants to a drink.

Until a reunion or first acquaintance in Admont.

Kind regards,

Pastor Dr. Stefan Schumann


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